2016 Switzer Fellows

In 2016, twenty new Fellows joined the Switzer Fellowship Network of nearly 600 Fellows located across the country and around the world. Read about them and their work below. To find information on Fellowship alumni, please go to the Find an Expert section of our website where you can search by name, region, and area of expertise.

Dena Adler
Yale University
JD/MEM, Law; Environmental Management
Autumn Bernstein
UC Davis
MS, Transportation Technology and Policy
Anna Doty
Masters in City Planning, City Planning / Environmental Policy and Planning
Jacob Glass
Harvard University
MPP, Master in Public Policy
Wing Goodale
UMass - Amherst
Ph.D., Environmental Conservation
Kristen Goodrich
UC Irvine
Ph.D., Social Ecology
Jennifer Helfrich
Harvard University
MPP, Social and Urban Policy
Henry Herndon
University of New Hampshire
MS, Natural Resources and the Environment
Nick Jensen
Claremont Graduate University
Ph.D., Botany
Erik Martinez
UC Santa Barbara
MS, Environmenal Science and Management
Logan McCoy
Yale University
MBA/MEM, Environmental Management / Business Administration
Kimberley Miner
University of Maine - Orono
Ph.D., Earth and Climate Science
Keith Parker
Humboldt State University
MS, Fisheries Biology / Conservation Genetics
Carolina Prado
UC Berkeley
Ph.D., Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
Mary Rock
JD/MS, Law and Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment & Resources
Erin Satterthwaite
UC Davis
Ph.D., Ecology/Environmental Science and Policy
Emma Schneider
Tufts University
Ph.D., English / Environmental Literature
Sarah Skikne
UC Santa Cruz
Ph.D., Environmental Studies
Katalyn Voss
UC Santa Barbara
Ph.D., Geography
Michael Wironen
University of Vermont
Ph.D., Natural Resources

"There is always room to grow in our ability to succinctly and compellingly communicate the importance of the issues we work on to a broader audience.  The Switzer Network is providing very valuable training that I am not getting elsewhere."

Lara Cushing

Spotlight on Leadership

Nithya Ramanathan and ColdTrace: Why monitor vaccine temperatures?
Before routine childhood vaccinations large numbers of people used to contract diseases like TB and polio with often devastating consequences. Now vaccinations are standardized and have virtually eradicated many of the health problems that used to run rife through populations. However, there is one problem. Despite a concerted effort on the part of health workers and decent supply of vaccinations, power issues in emerging regions often means these vaccinations - which require refrigeration - get spoiled. This is where ColdTrace from Nexleaf Analytics offers a solution.Read more >

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