Fellows in the News

Like many warriors, Shaye Wolf is ready to march. She says Pres. Donald Trump’s administration is carrying out a “war on science” with proposed cuts in scientific research funding and appointments of climate change deniers to top positions. So Wolf, climate science director with...Read more >
Farmers seeking to invest in crops with limited environmental impact should read up on a new report suggesting mushrooms are among the friendliest on the planet. A summary of the two-year study says it takes just 0.7 lb. of CO2 equivalent emissions to produce 1 lb. of mushrooms, according to...Read more >
The U.S. Navy is enlisting the help of seals – but not the kind of highly trained special operatives with whom it usually associates. Real seals, specifically their whiskers, may be the key to a new way for ships and underwater vehicles to sense their environment, scientists think. When a...Read more >
As the dust settles on President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to critical transportation funding, Bay Area leaders are calling the plan hypocritical in light of the administration’s frequently touted but as yet unseen $1 trillion infrastructure spending plan. The proposed 13 percent cut...Read more >
Researchers have revealed that declining plant diversity — from habitat loss, human use, and other environmental pressures — causes plants to flower earlier, and that the effects of diversity loss on the timing of flowering are similar in magnitude to the effects of global warming. The...Read more >
The sleepy East Bay suburbs of Newark, Union City, Castro Valley and Fremont may seem like an unlikely locale for the latest battleground between public transit operators and ride-booking services, such as Uber and Lyft. But it’s here that AC Transit, which operates buses in Alameda and...Read more >
“Keep navigable waters clean.” It sounds straightforward, but in practice it’s anything but. For decades, the Environmental Protection Agency has struggled with that task, after the Clean Water Act in 1972 gave them the authority to regulate “navigable waters.” But...Read more >
From sessions on climate action and solid waste to ocean acidification and green infrastructure, the 2017 Maine Sustainability & Water Conference on Thursday, March 30 at the Augusta Civic Center will feature an expanded agenda on urgent topics affecting Maine, New England, the country, and the...Read more >
Mark Elbroch, who leads the Teton Cougar Project, was bestowed with the Craighead Conservation Award, which has gone out to the likes of Steve Kilpatrick, Bruce Smith, Franz Camenzind, and Debra and Susan Patla. Read moreRead more >
Our Geek of the Week is Dr. Tom Gill, Professor of Environmental Science at UTEP - The University of Texas at El Paso ! Favorite non-weather hobby: Landscape photography Favorite type of weather: Dust storms! I am an expert on dust storms and have been studying them for over 30 years. Most...Read more >

Spotlight on Leadership

Making Alleys a Place for Play (Not Old Couches)
After six years of research and community organizing, 2005 Fellow Tori Kjer and her colleagues have won strong support from the community for their Avalon Green Alley Network Plan in South Los Angeles, and the renovation of two alleys is scheduled to begin early next year.Read more >

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