Nicole Gross-Camp

Nicole Gross-Camp


Nicole is an interdisciplinary environmental scientist specialising in the African tropics. She joined the University of East Anglia (International Development) in March 2009 to evaluate a Payments for Environmental Services (PES) scheme in the Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda. Currently, Nicole splits her time between two main projects and institutions. An ESRC-funded project out of UEA (2013-2016) entitled, Conservation, Markets & Justice, which is examining local conceptions of environmental justice in areas where market-based conservation is occurring ( She is also an ESPA Early Careers Fellow at the University of College London (Anthropology) conducting research on the influence of community-based forest on human wellbeing and ecosystem services in Tanzania. In addition to her current positions, Nicole is a part of the UEA’s global environmental research group and is interested in developing partnerships with others interested in research that seeks transformative change to environmental conflicts. In particular, she seeks connections with others working with communities living adjacent to protected areas or involved in community-based conservation initiatives in the African tropics.

Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
Antioch University New England, Ph.D.
Current Position:
Research Fellow at University of East Anglia & University College London
Conservation Science & Biology
Currently Working On:
Conservation, Markets & Justice (2013-2016, ESRC-funded, Co-I) and Understanding the influence of community-based forest management on wellbeing and ecosystem services in Tanzania (2014-2017, ESPA, PI)
Arts 1.66, Earlham Road
Norwich, NR4 7TJ
(413) 230-6911

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