Jeannette Laramee


Jeannette is currently pursuing a M.Eng. degree at Stanford University in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her primary interests focus on the sustainability of the built environment and ecological sanitation in a developing country context. Her research at Stanford University focuses on how wastewater treatment systems with resource recovery and reuse capabilities can be effectively implemented in developing country communities in order to increase the long term sustainability of sanitation systems, thereby helping to alleviate the negative ecological impact that inadequate sanitation has on the environment. In particular, she is interested in the viability of biogas digesters to increase access to both sanitation and renewable forms of energy in developing communities of sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to beginning her studies at Stanford University, Jeannette spent over three years in Zambia, Africa, as a Project Manager for a local Zambian NGO through Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO). As Project Manager, she was responsible for overseeing and coordinating all aspects related to the design, site development, construction and set-up of a 20,000 square foot residential and educational center for over 250 children. She incorporated several environmentally responsible ideas into the design of the center such as energy efficient cooking stoves and a biogas and anaerobic digestion wastewater treatment system, which enabled the center to collect biogas for cooking energy and effectively treated all wastewater generated by the center to reuse for agriculture. Jeannette also has nearly four years of experience as a structural engineer consultant with Robert Silman Associates (RSA) in Washington, DC, a design firm with a dedicated history of sustainable building projects. She has a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Oregon State University.

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