Jessica Hall


Jessica is a landscape architect who has advocated for and proposed restoration projects for urban streams and watersheds in the nonprofit, governmental, and consulting sectors in Southern California. She has combined historical documentation, urban design, landscape and ecological design principles to propose physically and socially integrated solutions to managing increasingly scarce water resources within complex urban environments. She has designed habitat enhancements and creations in the form of greenways, miniparks, and reading gardens, developed concept restoration plans for urban streams and watershed (stormwater) enhancement projects, engaged in stream site assessments, and proposed vision plans to promote the overall benefits of embracing nature within the city. The Ballona Creek Greenway Plan that she spearheaded was a 2011 winner in the Plan category of the Westside Urban Forum's annual design awards, as was the Piggyback Yards, another plan that she consulted on that incorporated Los Angles River restoration with riverside development.

In 2012, Jessica has taken a new direction in her career by stepping into the role of Executive Director at Humboldt Baykeeper. She hopes to work the coastal communities of Humboldt County to integrate ecologically sensitive design into urban growth plans and policies, as well as continue the organization's work in addressing legacy toxics, citizen science monitoring and outreach programs, sea level rise, preservation and restoration of sensitive land areas.<br><br>

A few audio pieces:
"Lost and Found Waterways"

You can also read about me at:<br>
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<a href=" Streams of Los Angeles</a> by Judith Lewis, LA Weekly, 2006<br>
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<a href=" of Bankful Regional Relationships in the Los Angeles Area for Application in Local Stream Restoration Projects,</a> Haden, Allen and Hall, Jessica, Urban Coast, Vol. 2 no.1, 2010<br><br>

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Fellow at a Glance

Fellowship Year:
Academic Background:
California State Polytechnic Pomona, M.Arch
Current Position:
Executive Director at Humboldt Baykeeper
Primary Expertise:
Architecture & Urban Planning
Water Resources
Land / Open Space / Smart Growth
1685 Old Arcata Road
Bayside, CA 95524
(213) 999-3042