• Harvey, Trump, and coastal flood protections
    Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    Harvey, Trump, and coastal flood protections

    Why would the new administration increase risks for coastal residents from future storms? Fellow Shaye Wolf has a disturbing answer.

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  • Building up to a bailout: New Department of Energy study makes up reasons to promote coal
    Switzer Fellow Thought Leadership

    Building up to a bailout

    Fellow Kim Smaczniak writes new Department of Energy study makes up reasons to promote coal

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  • Politicization of science
    Switzer Fellows in the News

    Politicization of science

    Fellow Jennifer Bowen reacts to a DOE request to reword a grant proposal to omit references to climate change and global warming.

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Becky Cushing

Becky Cushing, Mass Audubon’s Berkshire Sanctuaries director, is soaring. She is supervising six properties, hosting bird walks and organizing concerts with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. She says of her new home, "I feel like the Berkshires has all these hidden places to explore that make you feel like the first person to have found them."

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Sep 4, 2017
The sun is strong, the sky Hollywood-set blue, but the wind is brutal. This is confounding the work of Wade Elmer, chief scientist for the Department of Plant Pathology and Ecology at the Connecticut...Read more >
Aug 30, 2017
With tens of thousands of people displaced and many billions of dollars in estimated damages from the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, an environmental group on Tuesday filed a formal request on Tuesday...Read more >
Aug 30, 2017
The US Department of Energy (DOE) is asking scientists to reword their grant proposals so as to avoid mentions of “climate change” or “global warming,” Fellow Jennifer Bowen says.Read more >
Aug 21, 2017
As the United States reverses its climate policies, the world's top greenhouse gas emitter is in the midst of setting up a national carbon-trading system. Chinese officials are preparing to launch an...Read more >

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