2017 Switzer Fellows

In 2017, twenty new Fellows joined the Switzer Fellowship Network of over 600 Fellows located across the country and around the world. Read about them and their work below. To find information on Fellowship alumni, please go to the Find an Expert section of our website where you can search by name, region, and area of expertise.

Samantha Alger
University of Vermont
PhD, Biology
Olivia Bartlett
University of New Hampshire
PhD, Natural Resources and Earth System Sciences
Daisy Benitez
University of Southern California
MS, Green Technologies
Eugenia Bey
CSU Long Beach
MA, Geography
Zineb Bouzoubaa
University of California, Berkeley
MPP, Public Policy
Jolisa Brooks
Yale University
MESc, Environmental Science
Mia Dawson
University of California Davis
MA, Geography
Joan Dudney
University of California Berkeley
Ph.D., Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Natalya Gallo
University of California San Diego
PhD, Oceanography/Biological Oceanography
David Gonzalez
B.S/M.S/PhD, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences/Chemistry
Adam Hasz
MCP, Urban Studies and Planning
Douglas McPherson
MCP, Urban Studies and Planning
Jonathan Moch
Harvard University
PhD and S.M., Earth and Planetary Sciences
Brunilda Pizarro
Yale University
MESc, Environmental Science
Jeremy Poindexter
PhD, Materials Science and Engineering
Lauren RIchter
Northeastern University
PhD, Sociology
Aisha Saad
Yale Law School
JD, Law
Miriam Solis
University of California Berkeley
PhD, City and Regional Planning
Devesh Vashishtha
University of California San Diego
MD, Medicine
Irene Vasquez
Humboldt State University
MS, Environmental Planning and Management

"There is always room to grow in our ability to succinctly and compellingly communicate the importance of the issues we work on to a broader audience.  The Switzer Network is providing very valuable training that I am not getting elsewhere."

Lara Cushing

Spotlight on Leadership

Marissa McMahan: Invasive green crabs are scuttling from dilemma to delicacy
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