2021 Switzer Fellows

In 2021, twenty new fellows joined the Switzer Fellowship Network of almost 700 Switzer Fellows located across the country and around the world. Read about them and their work below. To find information on fellowship alumni, please go to the Find an Expert section of our website where you can search by name, region, and area of expertise.

Gabriela Alberola
UC Santa Barbara
Alicia Arrington
UC Berkeley
Clara Fang
Antioch New England
Diana Fu
UC Santa Cruz
Josh Greene
Yale University
Grant Gutierrez
Dartmouth College
Paloma Henriques
University of Maine
Sarah Hsu
Brown University
AJ Hudson
Yale University
Ángel Ibañez
Timnit Kefela
UC Santa Barbara
Natalie Lord
University of New Hampshire
Meghna Marjadi
UMass Amherst
Deniss Martinez
UC Davis
Aaron Maruzzo
UC Berkeley
Thomas Morales
San Diego State University
Eshaan Patheria
Cal Tech

"There is always room to grow in our ability to succinctly and compellingly communicate the importance of the issues we work on to a broader audience. The Switzer Network is providing very valuable training that I am not getting elsewhere."

Lara Cushing

Spotlight on Leadership

“Climate change will increase the global burden of infectious diseases such as malaria, Zika and Lyme disease,” says 2017 Fellow Dev Vashishtha. “We are also seeing changes in pollen patterns and increases in asthma diagnoses. We know that the poor and people of color will be the hardest hit. My interest in climate change is closely tied to my interest in public health and disease prevention.”Read more >

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