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Posted by Lauren Hertel on Sunday, October 23 2011


Lauren Hertel

The Switzer Foundation is stepping up its commitment to help Fellows communicate with the media and public about their science. This year's retreats featured excellent training sessions by COMPASS, the Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea, to teach attendees how to craft concise messages for the media.

The slides from the training session are available to Fellows ONLY on the private side of the website (please do NOT distribute them!). To access them, please log in, then visit Access Network Resources > Documents > Retreats, and view either the New England or California retreat materials to find the "COMPASS Presentation" file.

COMPASS also published an excellent book called "Escape from the Ivory Tower: A Guide to Making Your Science Matter" last year (available from Amazon). Their training sessions for Switzer pulled several key ideas and messages from the book, including the "message box" concept, which helps you think through all facets of your message, so you're ready when a reporter calls for an interview.

Watch a recording of our October 2011 webinar with highlights from the COMPASS training for more information.

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