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Posted by Lauren Hertel on Thursday, October 20 2011


We believe LinkedIn offers our Fellows a significant opportunity to network for their careers.  We sponsored a webinar and published a resource guide for the service earlier this year, and now we'd like to help you get fully connected to Switzer on LinkedIn in 3 easy steps and just 15 minutes!

1. Join our Group. Just send us an email requesting membership.  Be sure to specify the email address you use with LinkedIn. The group is open to all Fellows and colleagues in related fields with a connection to the Foundation.

2. Include your Fellowship (and Leadership Grant, if applicable) on your Profile. To do this, go to Edit Profile, then scroll to just before the Summary section and click the "Add sections" link. Choose "Honors and Awards" and then fill out the short form.

Here's sample text for the Fellowship (to make it REALLY easy!)

Title: Switzer Environmental Fellowship
Issuer: Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation
Occupation: (choose your own affiliation here)
Date: (choose just the year of your fellowship, leave the month blank)
Description: The goal of the Switzer Environmental Fellowship Program is to support highly talented graduate students in New England and California whose studies are directed toward improving environmental quality and who demonstrate the potential for leadership in their field.  For more information about the Fellowship visit

3. Include your LinkedIn URL on your Switzer directory profile. For most of you, your Switzer profile is the FIRST result for your name in a Google search. (Try it and see!) To make sure folks can find your LinkedIn profile, too, add it to your Switzer profile. Log in at, click "My account" at the bottom of any page, then choose the "Edit" tab. (Don't know your LinkedIn URL? Click "Edit profile" in LinkedIn, then look at the bottom of the summary and copy the "Public profile" link. Note that you can also edit this link so that it makes more sense, for example using your full name instead of randomly generated characters.)

Not really active on LinkedIn yet, but want to learn more? Check out our recent webinar "Using LinkedIn to Boost Your Career" and download our Resources Guide, which includes links to basic tutorials to get you up and running fast on the service.

The benefits of linking to us are big:

  • Automatic updates about webinars, trainings, retreats and other important events
  • Access to dozens of Fellows and their Connections
  • Instant notifications sent to Switzer when you change jobs or post other news, which we use to enhance your profile through Fellows in the News

Please let Lauren know if you have any questions or need help.

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