Up your #scicomm game anytime, anywhere with new online workbook from COMPASS

Posted by Lauren Hertel on Thursday, August 17 2017


Editor's note: The following post originally appeared on the blog of our communications training partner, COMPASS.

We’re thrilled to release an online version of the Message Box Workbook, designed to help you change the way you think and talk about your work. Drawing on our almost 20 years of supporting scientists to be more effective communicators, the workbook provides detailed instructions and insights so that you can use the most fundamental tool in our toolbox anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the generous support of the Rita Allen Foundation to expand the reach of our most versatile and powerful tool, the workbook is now available online in an approachable, engaging format (in addition to the PDF version we released in February 2017). Filled with step-by-step instructions, real-life examples, and answers to FAQs, the workbook will help you to distill the essence of your research and why it matters for your chosen audience. We’ve seen the power of the Message Box in the hands of passionate scientists who want to connect with journalists, policymakers, managers, stakeholders, and their peers. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make the workbook the next best thing to attending one of our trainings (to find out more about our communication trainings, please contact us!)

We hope the Message Box will help you more effectively share your insights with society. We look forward to hearing how you use it and how tools like this are supporting to you make a difference! 


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