Daniel Newberry: Darlingtonia's Home in the Southern Oregon Sisikiyous

Thursday, August 13, 2015 - 7:00pm




Leach Botanical Garden, Portland, OR


In the 1920s, John and Lilla Leach set off on several expeditions to the southern Oregon Siskiyou Mountains, looking for interesting plants. With their trusty mules, Violet and Daisy, they were able to explore places well off the beaten path and came across some unique  ecosystems. Erin Riggs and Daniel Newberry will talk about some of them, including the fen, home to many fascinating plants such as Darlingtonia californica, the California pitcher plant or Cobra lily. You will learn how local geology and hydrology combine to make this unique Darlingtonia fen possible. You'll also learn about another southern Oregon gem, Iris innominata, which was new to science when Lilla Leach discovered it growing in this same region. Leach Botanical Garden's new master plan includes a large water garden, featuring a variety of habitats and plants found in these special southern Oregon places. Erin will talk about why it is important for Leach, and other botanical gardens, to include specimen plants grown from seed collected in the wild. 

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