Workshop: Decolonizing our Hearts and Minds
Photo courtesy of Sherri Mitchell

Decolonizing our Hearts and Minds: A one-day workshop with Sherri Mitchell

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 9:00am




Oakstop, 1721 Broadway, Telegraph Gallery Suite, Oakland, CA 94612


This one-day workshop offers a glimpse into the work required to decolonize our hearts and minds. Participants will gain an understanding of how colonization has impacted our thinking and the ways that we engage one another and the world around us. We will look at the illusion of separation; how the use of language has fostered separation and oppression among peoples and with the natural world; our relationship to the sources of our survival; ritual and ceremony; economy and ecology, and states of dependence. Each of these themes can inform our understanding of the systems of governance within which we live and work, and offer insights into how we can re-imagine new models of cooperation and reciprocity. 

This workshop is sponsored by the Switzer Foundation and is open to Switzer Fellows and their colleagues interested in applying these perspectives to systems change in environmental and social justice work. This workshop can help deepen how we seek systems change for a fair and just world.  The workshop will be led by Sherri Mitchell, a Penobscot Tribal Member, author, activist, lawyer and spiritual leader who will be visiting California during this time. Ms. Mitchell’s recent book, Sacred Instructions, speaks to ways in which we can build reconnection to indigenous wisdom and to heal our relationships with each other and the earth. 

Pre-registration is required.  There will be a fee ($20 plus a very small surcharge for online registration).  Lunch will be provided.  Space will be available for up to 50 participants.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, by Tuesday, October 2nd.

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