From Lab to Law: Using Science to Shape Public Policy (Switzer Foundation Webinar Series)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 (All day)




Amy Clipp (2009 Fellow) offered ideas for bridging the gap between science and policy, with a particular focus on helping scientists apply their work in complex, political environments.

As a starting point, the webinar examined the following questions:

  • What do scientists need to know before they collaborate on high profile policy projects?
  • How can scientists most productively work with diverse stakeholders?
  • How and when should scientists share interim results?

Her stories are based on lessons learned advising the State of Louisiana on its 2012 Coastal Master Plan. For two years, she worked with Rand Corporation, some of the nation's top coastal scientists, and hundreds of citizens. Together, this diverse group created a plan to ease Louisiana’s high rate of wetland loss and improve flood protection for two million citizens. The plan received unanimous legislative support despite controversial provisions, including projects that would change the course of the Mississippi River.

You can see more about the plan at

This event was open to the public.

Watch the webinar video and learn more about Ms. Clipp's work

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