Switzer Fellows at 2018 Fall Retreat
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Leadership and Network Innovation Grants Roundtable

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - 4:00pm





Hear from past recipients of the additional grant opportunities for Switzer Fellows, and discover how these programs could work for you! Sign up here.

Are you interested in pursuing the grant opportunities available to Switzer Fellows beyond the fellowship? Join this virtual roundtable to learn from past Leadership and Network Innovation grant recipients about their experiences and the impact the programs have had on their careers. Register today to have your questions answered and learn how these programs can work for you.

This event is open to all Switzer Fellows.

This session will be recorded. If you have questions you would like the panelists to answer, but can't make the live event, you can register and enter your questions on the registration form. We will try to get to your question at the event, or follow up with you via email. Everyone who registers will be sent a link to the recording.

Register here


Daisy BenitezBecome a JEDI Master: Journey Toward a More Equitable Future, Network Innovation grant

Ryan CarleWhither Phalaropes? Convening a working group to propel shorebird conservation research in Great Basin saline lakes, Leadership grant

Jessica HallDeveloping critical design tools and training in waterway restoration, Leadership grant

Lauren RichterCommunity-based research and action on drinking water contaminants, Leadership grant

Olivia WaltonRebuilding Environmental Education Programs on St. Croix, Leadership grant

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