Linwood Pendleton presenting webinar on Marine Ecosystem Services Database

Thursday, September 15, 2011 (All day)



online webinar

The Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership (MESP) is a spatial portal and
community of practice to help policy makers find data on marine
ecosystem services and researchers who conduct these studies.  The MESP
launched its website
in May 2011.  The website offers a dynamic mapping tool that spatially
represents the MESP database of over 2,000 values of economic valuation
data.  The mapping tool allows users to burrow down through different
types of data through spatial and thematic searches.  The MESP database
is not intended to replace other valuation databases.  Rather, the
Partnership strives to be a community of practice through which data
users and managers can work collectively to better integrate ecosystem
services data with marine policy needs.  The effort is directed by Duke
University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, in
collaboration with The Ocean Foundation and Duke’s Marine Geospatial
Ecology Laboratory. Learn more at Register for this webinar at

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