Network Call: Re-visioning environmental leadership for equity and impact: The Switzer Foundation journey

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 - 12:30pm




WebEx Meeting Center (online)


Today’s environmental concerns have expanded to include greater awareness of the importance of acknowledging historic inequities.  For years, systems and policies have burdened some communities more than others with environmental harms. Strategies for developing science and policy solutions are increasingly mandated to consider equity and inclusion. Calls for greater racial, socio-economic and gender diversity in all segments of the environmental field are reaching environmental organizations, foundations, colleges and universities, and the public sector at large.

Join us for a call with Switzer Foundation Executive Director Lissa Widoff to hear about the Foundation’s organizational journey to embed equity into our programs and operations. For the past two years, the Foundation has been examining every aspect of our operations to uncover internal and implicit biases in our Fellowship and grant programs, understand the impact of historic structural racial biases on the environmental field, and take steps to fostering a community of environmental leaders who can develop the skills needed to advance equity within environmental impact.

To register for this call please email Lauren Hertel.

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