Deanna Zandt's depiction of community care
Deanna Zandt's depiction of community care

Race and Equity Reading Group: Allyship, community care, and wellness

Thursday, January 23, 2020 - 12:30pm




WebEx Meeting Center (online)

Racial allyship is a risky proposition.

Though it cannot be compared to the inequities and dangers faced by members of marginalized groups, “[A]llyship means ‘committing to pushing past the point of comfort to take effective and impactful action to change things’ — even if that action is messy or dangerous. A willingness to take risks is non-negotiable. ...[T]o be an ally requires ‘bravery'", according to an article on New York magazine's website by Tamara Winfrey Harris.

This Switzer Fellows' Race and Equity Reading Group discussion will raise questions of allyship within a framework of community care and wellness (see Deanna Zandt's "The Unspoken Complexity of 'Self-Care'", for example), with the objective of moving toward a model of sustained allyship in the environmental community.

Fellow Francisco Dóñez will moderate the discussion based on readings to be provided to all registrants. We welcome all Switzer Fellows to join us on this call.

To register please email Laine Kuehn.

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