Race and Equity Reading Group: Environmental Justice and Politics in the U.S.-México Borderlands

Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 12:30pm




WebEx Meeting Center


The U.S.-México border region has historically been a politically contentious region, and the present moment is not an exception. This set of cross-border relationships has at its foundation a legacy of colonialism, imperialism as well as economic and environmental extraction. During the webinar, 2016 Fellow Dr. Carolina Prado will embed this borderlands context in her present work on mapping environmental justice in the city of Tijuana, Baja California. Using community-mapping methodologies, this project explores how the material realities of the Mexican borderlands impact how community members in eight colonias or neighborhoods experience environmental justice. In addition to presenting the results of this mapping project, Dr. Prado will discuss the politics of the border region’s environmental governance and how this intersects with the specificities of borderland environmental injustices.


Dr. Carolina Prado has worked at the intersection of community based research, environmental justice, and border studies for the last seven years. She earned a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management with an emphasis in Gender and Women’s Studies from UC Berkeley in 2017. Carolina is currently the Senior Environmental Scientist at the Environmental Health Coalition, and will be starting as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at San Jose State University in the Fall of 2018. As a first generation queer Chicana , she believes that her struggles for social and environmental justice should create an impact on both sides of the border. She is also passionate about food justice and anti-domestic violence work.   (Carolina's work has been partially funded by a Switzer Leadership Grant.)
This is one of a series of calls on race and equity in environmental work, to help Fellows learn about research, tools and case studies of the intersections between race, diversity, equity and environmental outcomes.  These calls are open to all Fellows.  Reading and discussion are part of each call.  Future topics will include new perspectives on the history of the environmental movement, shifts in higher education opportunities, and a fall presentation with Lissa on the Switzer Foundation's equity and inclusion efforts.  Stay tuned for details on upcoming calls, and feel free to suggest speakers or topics for these and other networking calls!
Fellows who would like to join the Race and Equity reading group, which convenes periodically, please contact Lissa.  

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