Webinar "Greening Stonyfield Farm" with Switzer Fellow Tim Greiner

Friday, February 17, 2012 (All day)



online webinar

As a consultant with Stonyfield Farm for the past 12 years, Switzer Fellow Tim Greiner will discuss efforts to broaden and deepen sustainability within the company. He will discuss the company's efforts to track its environmental impacts, barriers the company had to overcome, and the environmental and financial savings the company has seen as a result of these efforts.

He will answer your questions including:

  • What are the key steps to establishing a sustainability vision for a company?
  • How do you integrate responsibility for sustainability initiatives into core business processes such as manufacturing, sourcing, packaging, and logistics?
  • What mistakes were made in the process of greening the company that anyone seeking to do similar work should avoid?

Please join us and feel free to pass this invitation to colleagues who are interested in the topics.

To view this webinar visit our post on the event.

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