Mongabay QA with Christine Wilkinson
Photo: Craig Stevenson / Unsplash
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Mongabay interviewed Christine Wilkinson about why hyenas get such a bad rap, her dream of a solar-powered camera-trap grid, and her work bringing together other African American scientists in mammalogy.

Christine is a carnivore ecologist, Switzer Fellow, National Geographic Explorer and postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, who uses technology to examine interactions between humans and wildlife in East Africa and California.

Her work is interdisciplinary, using participatory mapping to include local communities in her work and learn about how peoples’ perceptions about carnivores affects conflicts with them.

Christine also notes that human-wildlife conflicts areas are rooted in human-human conflict, often based in socioeconomic and sociopolitical contexts as well as histories.

Find a summary of the interview and full length Q&A here. 

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