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The California Water Data Consortium (Consortium) announced its inaugural Steering Committee earlier this month. Seating the Steering Committee represents another major step forward for the Consortium and for open and transparent water data in California. In partnership with their Board, the Steering Committee will guide and implement the Consortium's programmatic objectives and priorities; oversee the development and ongoing efforts of project-specific working groups; and foster active conversation between the Consortium and the Partner Agency Team charged with implementing AB 1755.

The 11-member Steering Committee represents six state agencies, academia, nongovernmental organizations, local agencies, and the private sector. Each member will serve a two-year term and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the collection, publication, and use of water and ecological data.

The Steering Committee members are:

Deborah Agarwal, Department Head & Senior Scientist, Data Science and Technology Department, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Mike Antos, Senior Integrated Water Management Specialist, Stantec Consulting, and Visiting Scholar, UC Irvine Anthropology

Drew Atwater, Director of Finance and Water Resources, Moulton Niguel Water District and Committee Chair, California Data Collaborative

Christina Babbitt, Senior Manager, California Groundwater Program, Environmental Defense Fund

Joy Bonaguro, Chief Data Officer, Government Operations Agency

Martha Davis, Retired, Assistant General Manager/Executive Manager for Policy Development, Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Joaquin Esquivel, Chair, State Water Resources Control Board

David Harris, Enterprise Data Services Manager, California Natural Resources Agency Data Center

Nick Martorano, Director, California Water Quality Monitoring Council

Christina McCready, Lead, AB 1755 Partner Agency Team, Department of Water Resources

Susan Tatayon, Chair, Delta Stewardship Council

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