April 19-23, 2021 is Black in Environment Week
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Dr. Regan Patterson, 2018 Switzer Fellow, is the co-founder and co-organizer of Black In Environment, a member organization of Black in X. Black in X is a growing movement and network with a unified mission to confront anti-black racism and foster inclusivity and empowerment. Black in Environment was launched to build collective community for Black folks in environmental spaces. Their mission is to highlight the scholarship, activism and engagement of Black environmentalists globally.

Black In Environment is hosting #BlackInEnvironWeek on April 19th - 23rd with a series of events to highlight and build community among Black environmentalists globally. Learn more about their work on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts at @blackinenviron. 

Here is the link to register to for the panels, listed separately below.

Tuesday, April 20th - 7pm ET
Black Planet: Black Environmental Legacies, Present & Futures
Register here

Wednesday, April 21st - 7pm ET
We Are All Environmentalists: Exploring Different Shades of Green
Register here

Thursday, April 22nd (Earth Day) - 7pm ET
Food for the Soul: Nourishing Our Minds and Bodies
Register here

Friday, April 23rd - 7pm ET
Black to the Future: Radically Imagining Liberatory Futures
Register here  

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