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The Checkbox Other podcast with Nikki Innocent interviewed Ashley Stewart about a human-centric view on how we have an opportunity to shape, reconnect with and repair our Earth. The podcast description states: 

Ashley talks about the importance of understanding the impact of our insufficient environmental systems and structures on real human beings and the disproportionate harm on urban Black communities. She shares her approach to address the need for policy change not just by looking at the things we can start doing now, but understanding the full life cycle of our actions to address once in a lifetime catastrophic weather events that are now happening multiple times a year without systems in place to withstand their impact. She also talks about the importance of building your own relationship with the outdoors, especially the nature around you, in your neighborhood.

Cultivating not only an understanding of the wisdom of the natural elements around you but the importance of being represented as someone who has the right and responsibility to be one with the world around you. By leaning into the wonders of nature around you, you also have a unique opportunity to build community. Ashley shares her experience with the organization Outdoor Afro and offers guidance on ways to get involved in your community as well.

Find the episode here.

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