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At Berkeley, each receiving $15,000 to complete their degrees and advance their skills, are four after the foundation’s heart:

  • Christian Casillas, a Ph.D. student in Energy and Resources who is working to equip communities with the knowledge to solve their environmental problems;
  • Kendra Klein, who wants to use her Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Ph.D. to create ecologically resilient, economically viable, and socially just food systems (Kendra won the Graduate Division’s Outstanding GSI Award in 2011);
  • Jessica Shade, who hopes, with her Integrative Biology Ph.D., to contribute to ecosystem restoration science through research and field studies (Jessica won the Graduate Division’s Outstanding GSI Award in 2009 and the Teaching Effectiveness Award in 2010); and
  • Ryan Shaening Pokrassso, who aims, armed with his J.D. in Environmental Law, to serve underrepresented communities impacted by irresponsible industry practices.

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