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Posted by Cora Preston on Wednesday, September 28 2022


Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson has co-authored a 2022 article in the International Journal of Informal Science and Environmental Education, publishing a model for the development of evaluation literacy in informal science educators. 

The abstract states, "informal science educators are expected to understand scientific content and processes, implement effective instructional strategies, and accommodate a diverse range of audiences. Missing from this repertoire of knowledge and skills is evaluation, even though this is the primary mechanism for making evidence-based decisions to inform program design and instruction. ... This article reflects on the implementation of three separate evaluation capacity building (ECB) efforts at informal science learning organizations in order to inform a new model for developing informal science educators’ evaluation literacy. The three contexts included conducting ECB with an entire department, across an organization, and working with representatives of six organizations collaborating in a network. ... This new model represents an ECB process rather than a one-and done intervention to fully develop educators’ evaluation literacy. It also acknowledges the cyclical nature of learning, applying, and refining ones’ understanding and skills. The model serves as a tool for facilitators of ECB to apply in informal science contexts." 

Read the full article here

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