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Camila Bustos, 2020 Switzer Fellow, was interviewed in the A Matter of Degrees podcast episode The ‘Prestige Problem’ Making Fossil Fuels Powerful, on how law firms, consultants and PR agencies enable dirty energy. 

Fossil fuel companies are tapping into America’s “best and brightest” at top banks, public relations and advertising firms, law firms, and strategy consulting firms.
These organizations supply critical services to keep the fossil fuel industry humming: creative work, strategy, legal representation, financing. They are services that oil and gas companies require to remain powerful.
In this episode Dr. Katharine Wilkinson and Dr. Leah Stokes explore the different ways this “prestige problem” influences America’s white-collar workforce. And they’ll explore efforts to push back.
Katharine speaks with Camila Bustos about her experience as a law student at Yale and the co-founder of Law Students for Climate Accountability. She also speaks with Jamie Henn, director of Fossil Free Media.
Learn more and listen to the podcast here

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