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The Hurricane Island Foundation has announced the hiring of Caitlin Cleaver as the new science and research coordinator for the Hurricane Island Field Research Station. Cleaver had worked as a marine programs associate at the Island Institute. She joins the Hurricane Island Foundation on March 17.

Cleaver holds an M.P.A. in environmental science and policy from Columbia University, and B.A. in environmental policy from Colby College. She was awarded a Switzer Environmental Fellowship in 2013 to pursue her passion for marine conservation. Cleaver brings experience and expertise in working waterfront preservation and engaging coastal communities and fishing industry members in the regional ocean planning process currently underway in New England. She recently defended her thesis, which explores the biological and social aspects of Maine's green sea urchin fishery, for her dual master’s degree in marine biology and marine policy from the University of Maine.

Hurricane Island looks forward to implementing Caitlin’s vision to develop the Field Station as a location to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and create opportunities to experience applied scientific research in Penobscot Bay.

“I am excited to join the dedicated staff of the Hurricane Island Foundation and look forward to providing young people with hands on learning experiences in Penobscot Bay. I believe this position is an opportunity to build a network of people who care about the ecological health of the Gulf of Maine and use sound science as the foundation for outreach to initiate action in the greater community," shared Caitlin.

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