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Here are some of the ways in which companies and business leaders can stay the course, with or without the support of the powers that be.


Following Trump’s decision to withdraw from the climate deal, Elon Musk has stepped down from the president’s advisory council, as has Disney CEO Bob Iger. Still remaining, however, are the likes of Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi, General Motors CEO Mary Barra, and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty. “There’s going to be a groundswell of pressure on CEOs to step down from that advisory council,” Oxfam climate and energy director Heather Coleman says. “This decision is a pivot point.”

Coleman also noted that the private sector is often “beat up” as conscientious consumers pin their hopes on businesses when the government is ineffective. “There’s a lot of anger that people feel toward the U.S. government, and toward it not taking action, that is being displaced and put on the [private sector],” Coleman says. “And so these companies understand that the more the U.S. government stalls on this issue, the more pressure they’re going to get.”

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