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Climate change-related food scarcity can lead to 500,000 deaths around the world by 2050, a new study has found. The research was the first to come up with an estimated number of deaths, based on changes in diet composition due to global warming.

The researchers based their estimated 2050 climate change impact on the health of adults in 155 countries around the world if global emissions are not reduced. They also simulated scenarios wherein varying actions are taken.

They found that climate change stabilization can reduce the estimated number of deaths between 29 and 71 percent and this will highly depend on the severity of actions taken. The research was published in the journal The Lancet.


"Poorest households spend the largest portions of their income on food. As food prices increase overall, of course the poor are going to be most affected," said Oxfam International climate change policy manager, Heather Coleman.

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