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The Breakthrough Institute is proud to announce Steven Pinker, Ariane de Bremond, Sarah Evanega, and Julio Friedmann as our 2018 Senior Fellows.

This is the tenth year that Breakthrough has conferred Senior Fellowships to leading scholars who have shaped our research and vision. This class of Senior Fellows will join the ranks of the 45 prominent experts who have joined our network of global thought leaders committed to building a future that is good for both humans and nature. We are grateful to be able to count upon their expertise, counsel, and inspiration.  


Ariane de Bremond

As we grapple with the challenge of a creating  a good—and democratic—Anthropocene, Ariane de Bremond’s voice is one we return to often. An expert in socio-ecological systems, land governance, and stakeholder engagement, de Bremond brings her unique understanding of the intersection of science and policy to bear on decision-making processes surrounding land tenure, use, and change. The executive officer of the Global Land Programme’s International Programme Office in Bern, Switzerland, de Bremond holds appointments as a senior scientist at the Centre for Development and Environment at the University of Bern and as an assistant research professor in geographical sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park. In her recent work, de Bremond has turned to the role of “telecouplings,” or the long-distance connections formed by global crop production and conservation programs, in shaping the way land is used and governed.

De Bremond has a decade of field experience in Central America, in addition to experience in West and Central Africa. Most recently, she has launched a NASA-funded project at the University of Maryland on the global “land rush” taking place in the developing world, as international governments and investors increasingly turn to the global South for crops, biofuels, and other commodities.

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