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Posted by Lauren Hertel on Wednesday, September 14 2016

Hunters and anglers should stop using lead products that can poison animals, a Nova Scotia wildlife rehab centre says.

The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Brookfield sees the results in sick animals who have ingested the lead-based bullets. Earlier this year they rehabbed an eagle nicknamed Birdzilla, which got very sick from lead poisoning.


Myra Finkelstein takes issue with this sort of rationale. She is a wildlife toxicologist who studied the effects of lead poisoning on California condors through her post-doctoral work. 

"I think there's overwhelming scientific evidence which shows that animals exposed to lead through lead ammunition or tackle can be poisoned and die," she says.

Recently, Finkelstein and a group of other scientists released a consensus statement called Health Risks from Lead Based Ammunition in the Environment.

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