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Posted by Lauren Hertel on Saturday, February 17 2018


Natalya Gallo

Natalya Gallo, 29, PhD candidate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Gallo made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Science category for her research on how climate change is impacting marine communities and the health of fish and fisheries. As a graduate student in the lab of Scripps marine ecologist Lisa Levin, she has been studying the implications of climate-driven oxygen decline in the ocean, a process called ocean deoxygenation. Gallo is passionate about improving the interface between ocean scientists and policymakers and has participated in four international United Nations climate negotiations conferences. She has also collaborated with engineers to develop new instruments for studying deep-sea ecosystems, including an autonomous deep-sea lander that can collect video and environmental data.

Earlier this year, Gallo received the Switzer Environmental Fellowship, and said she’s incredibly honored to now be recognized by Forbes as a science leader.

“My success has only been made possible by the many amazing mentors who have provided me with guidance and support in my growth as a scientist,” she said. “I hope to use the prestige of the Forbes list to bring greater attention to marine climate change impacts, develop new tools for studying oxygen variability in nearshore deep-sea ecosystems, and to continue working to improve the science-policy interface.”

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