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WWF has been elected to be the next northern country Civil Society Observer (CSO) at the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) and will begin the two year term immediately. The coming years will be a critical time for the FCPF and its efforts to support forest countries to build their capacity to address the drivers of deforestation and degradation, create a portfolio of pilot pay-for-performance conservation programs, and test ways to enhance livelihoods of local communities and conserve biodiversity.

Lloyd Gamble, who coordinates WWF's multilateral work on forest and climate issues, will be the WWF delegate to the seat. Gamble has been an active contributor to the FCPF for several years, most recently partnering with the Bank Information Center (BIC) to represent northern CSOs on the Working Group for the Carbon Fund’s Methodological Framework. In this position, he successfully advocated for strengthened guidance on transparency, climate integrity, integrated program planning and social and environmental safeguards by actively engaging with Carbon Fund Participants and other relevant stakeholders. WWF's alternate representative is Josefina Brana-Varela, WWF’s global REDD+ policy lead and a former UNFCCC negotiator for Mexico.

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