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Conscious Company Media recently chose its 2019 lineup of courageous female-identifying game-changers paving the way for positive global impact. Fellow Melissa Garren was one of them!


Melissa Garren is a marine biologist on a mission. She helped found Pelagic Data Systems in 2014 to address the interwoven challenges coastal communities face when it comes to food scarcity and the sustainability of fisheries.

Pelagic Data Systems is raising the global standard for vessel tracking by bringing forth custom-made technology and data analytics in the form of an affordable, accessible, and rugged service that can document when a fishery’s product brought to market was legally caught, and it works for subsistence fishermen in dugout canoes and large industrial vessels alike. It is a powerful solution for the 95 percent of global fishing vessels currently lacking access to any data-collection platform. The company’s technology has already been deployed in hundreds of communities across 30 countries and recently won the National Geographic Marine Protection Prize.


“Flexibility, adaptability, and compassion will always be your allies when figuring out what the right face of leadership is for you in any given moment. If you give the moment your undivided attention and are fully present, the answers to the question, ‘What should my strategy be here?’ will come much more swiftly.”

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