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Posted by Lauren Hertel on Tuesday, September 25 2012


Roger Geller

Last night was the annual Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) facilities tour. The BAC is a volunteer group of citizens who advise PBOT on how transportation policies and projects impact bicycling. Each year, they leave their usual City Hall meeting room to get an up-close look at bike infrastructure. Last year we explored east Portland, and this year the focus was on downtown and the inner eastside — a part of town the city commonly refers to as the central city.

PBOT Bike Coordinator Roger Geller led the ride, and would speak from a mic attached to a small amp he carried on his rear rack. "I never thought we had enough to show off in the central city," Geller said at the outset, "But we've done a lot of work."

The route (annotated PDF here) took us from City Hall, up to Portland State University, over to the South Waterfront, back north to the Morrison Bridge, along the Esplanade up to the Lloyd District and back through northwest Portland via the Broadway Bridge. We stopped several times along the way to chat about the different bikeways and issues that came up.

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