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Paloma Henriques and Natalie Lord, both 2021 Switzer Fellows, have been named 2023 John A. Knauss Marine Policy Finalists

“The Knauss Fellowship offers graduate students the invaluable opportunity to put their academic knowledge to practice in tackling marine, coastal, and Great Lakes management and policy challenges at the federal level,” said Jonathan Pennock, Ph.D., National Sea Grant College Program director in the Sea Grant announcement

Knauss fellows bring their diverse perspectives to positions in the executive and legislative branches of government. The 2023 finalists describe themselves in a Sea Grant map of the universities that they hail from, celebrating their different paths to the fellowship. 

Paloma Henriques from the University of Maine; Maine Sea Grant is "an environmental activist, sailor, writer, and social scientist committed to transforming systems to uplift people and the planet."

Natalie Lord from the University of New Hampshire; New Hampshire Sea Grant writes "I am driven to lead and engage in the interconnected social and ecological challenges of marine resource management."

In a UNH press release, Natalie also shared:

"I am delighted to be selected as a Knauss finalist. It feels like the appropriate next step in my career, especially after designing my master's degree to have an applied research and policy focus and my role as a teaching assistant for environmental policy at UNH. The Knauss Fellowship is the perfect opportunity for me to experience an agency role firsthand.”

Congratulations, Paloma and Natalie!

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