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James A. Liebman, Ph.D. Of El Cerrito, CA died June 12, 2010 of brain cancer. Born in 1958 in Highland Park, Illinois and raised in Chevy Chase, MD, Jamie had a lifelong passion for plants and the natural sciences. A graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of California at Berkeley, he lived in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1983 until his death. Jamie was an astute and dedicated scientist and activist, committed to reducing the use of toxic chemicals and environmental damage associated with agriculture, and improving the health and safety of farm workers. He ended his career at the federal Environmental Protection Agency with responsibilities for California agriculture and dairy issues. He is survived by his wife Judith Katherine Dunning, son Michael Dunning Liebman, parents Ernst and Roberta Liebman, brothers Matt and Jon Liebman, and many loving family and friends. The family would like to thank the doctors and staff at UCSF, particularly Dr. Michael Rabow for their excellent care during Jamie's illness. Contributions in his honor may be made to Community Alliance with Family Farmers, Children's Hospital Research Center Oakland (California) and Pesticide Action Network of North America.

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