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The Yale Environment Review interviewed Dr. Kimberley Miner on how "her climate research has helped to protect some of the world’s most beautiful and fragile landscapes, but some of her most impactful work is closer to home – as an advocate for women and girls in STEM". 

Dr. Miner’s path to climate science began as a young girl – even though she heard growing up that girls aren’t good at math or science. “I’ve always loved exploring the outdoors, and it was a mentor at Columbia who inspired me to do so professionally!” As a climate scientist, she has travelled to some of the most beautiful - and stark - places on Earth. ...

Dr. Miner has earned global recognition for her groundbreaking research, spanning from the Arctic to the summit of Everest – an expedition for which her team recently set a Guinness World Record. She is passionate about using her platform for good, and is also a leading voice in climate change advocacy. “Since the kind of science I work on has the potential to change the planet’s trajectory, I am even more dedicated to sharing what I learn.”

Visit the original article by Robin Happel to read the full story.

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