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As you gather with family and friends to enjoy a hearty meal and a flurry of holiday events, your plans are probably focused inside — seated around a table, in front of the television watching the big game, or inside the shopping mall.

But, here’s hoping you might also find time to get outside this long weekend for a walk in the woods. It could be to visit a tree farm to shop for a live Christmas tree. It could be in your back yard if you live in the country. It could be to a state park for a hike, or a city park for a stroll. The fresh air can be invigorating and might help refocus your holiday to-do list.

Even if we don’t live near a forest, we all benefit from the breathing for the planet that trees do every day. And so on this Thanksgiving week, The Nature Conservancy offers 10 Reasons to be Thankful for Forests...

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