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Alumni working on climate change–related policy talk to Breakthroughs about how their efforts impact energy, water, pollution, and public health.

Seth Shonkoff
MPH ’08 Public Health; PhD ’12 ESPM. Executive Director, PSE Healthy Energy, www.psehealthyenergy.org

UC Berkeley influences: The chair of my ESPM dissertation committee was Rachel Morello-Frosch [also a professor of public health]. Rachel provided me with very strong guidance on how to get one’s research to affect climate, health, and energy policy. We would never simply publish a paper and move on; we always made it a point to translate our findings into formats that could be integrated into the platforms of groups working for more responsible energy policy. She also taught me how to firmly, but respectfully, not back down when interested parties who didn’t like to hear what we had to say came out against us. Let the data speak for itself, but explain it clearly.

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