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The Technion has inaugurated a brand new visualization laboratory, the first of its kind in Israel, in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. The new visualization lab is a research and learning facility, which allows one to “enter” a three-dimensional digital simulation (model) of buildings, cities and landscapes, whether they physically exist yet or are in only in the planning stages.

The state-of-the-art equipment allows both researchers and students to interactively control the model or image, using seven surveillance cameras, sensors and a wireless (wand) controller which facilitates a virtual tour around the displayed environment. This is one among the leading laboratories worldwide that can share a virtual immersion experience with up to 20 participants.

It is the brainchild of Professor Yehuda Kalay, and was founded in collaboration with five new Technion faculty members. Its establishment was headed by Assistant Professor Daniel Orenstein, who currently serves as the Academic Director of the laboratory, and architect and Assistant Professor Dafna Fisher-Gewirtzman, who planned, designed and oversaw its construction.

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