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Rowan Institute and ReclaimingSTEM, two organizations led by Switzer Fellows focused on scientific leadership and community building, have merged together into a new organization: ReclaimingSTEM Institute.

In 2018, Reclaiming STEM was founded by Switzer Fellow Evelyn Valdez-Ward and Dr. Linh Anh Cat out of a frustration with science communication and science policy training spaces. That same year, Rowan Institute was founded by Switzer Fellow Dr. Sarah Myhre and Giuliana Isaksen, out of the desire to support STEM experts to engage in public leadership, education, and communication. 

Both organizations bring a direct commitment to reparative, restorative, and just leadership in STEM; leadership that is unflinching in an analysis of power, in a commitment to true inclusion, and in the pursuit of a just and caring scientific enterprise. In short, both organizations are projects of solidarity and community care - and this similarity has brought these organizations together for transformation. This merger is both a step towards solidarity and mission-driven impact. And, it’s a strategic maneuver to build a stronger institutional base for their team together, to work together and support one another. 

The mission of Reclaiming STEM Institute is to build leadership and communication skills with marginalized scientists, in order for scientists and scientific institutions to address, repair, and heal from historical and ongoing systems of oppression. 

Learn more about their story and work here

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