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The “grid of the future” is no longer a distant goal; it is upon us today with the adoption of innovative tools, technologies and resources that facilitate the transition to a cleaner, consumer-driven electric grid.

A new in-depth guide released today by IREC will help states manage the grid redesign with new analytical tools and the benefit of lessons learned from states leading the way.

More Americans are choosing increasingly economical and available distributed energy resources (DERs) — such as rooftop or community solar, energy storage and electric vehicles – and these DERs create new opportunities and challenges as they are integrated into the traditional electric system.

Optimizing the Grid: A Regulator’s Guide to Hosting Capacity Analyses for Distributed Energy Resources helps guide state regulators as they oversee utilities developing hosting capacity analyses to integrate DERs on their distribution systems. Hosting capacity analyses are a new analytical tool — as part of broader grid modernization or distribution planning efforts — that can help states and utilities plan for and build a modern grid that allows for the benefits of DERs to be fully realized by more individuals, businesses and institutions.


“Rather than merely reacting to consumer adoption of distributed energy resources, a tool such as hosting capacity analysis allows for improved transparency and insight into the electric distribution system, a key step toward realizing a modern, clean and resilient grid,” says report co-author, Stephanie Safdi. “Based on lessons from the handful of states and utilities that have begun to prepare hosting capacity analyses, this new guide focuses on the process that will help other regulators as they oversee their own state’s development and implementation.”

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