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A new world of global climate action is coming into view here in Morocco – a world without US leadership on the issue.

The test now is whether global cooperation can proceed and grow at a time when America – in recent years a leader in the push to reduce carbon emissions – has a president-elect who opposes the very concept of climate response.

One of the early indicators of this new world will be whether rich nations continue to honor financial aid pledges to help poorer ones combat rising temperatures.


Specifically, rich countries are expected to deliver $100 billion every year beginning in 2020 – a tall task if the US won’t pony up any longer.


“I have nothing positive to say about the financing. Developing countries are right to worry,” said Kelly Sims Gallagher, a former Obama official who helped negotiate a 2014 bilateral emissions reduction pact between the US and China.

Some fear that American isolationism would give other nations cover to avoid giving money to help poor nations adapt to and mitigate climate change. That issue is one of the thornier flaps that divide post-industrial countries and less developed nations.

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