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In the heart of car-dominated Los Angeles, a group of students set out on a journey to discover what it takes to create bike-friendly cities.  The result is an inspiring call to action for people everywhere.

Co-directed by Dr. Paul Steinberg of Harvey Mudd College and Kevin Foxe (whose credits include the original Blair Witch Project), and featuring new music from the Los Angeles indie rock scene, Bicycle Revolution documents the experience of 15 students in a one-of-a-kind college course that takes place entirely on bicycles.  Together the students explore a question on every young person's mind these days:  Is meaningful social change possible?  In their search for answers, they meet with mayors, city council members, community activists and city staff who are on the front lines of struggles to make sustainability a reality.  

Bicycle Revolution is intended to spark conversations around the nation between governments and community members, urging attendees to think about and become engaged with cycling policy in their communities.

We encourage bicycle advocacy leaders, community leaders, or bicycle enthusiasts to host a screening of the film in your community—we have made the film available at a low cost, and our team will provide an electronic press kit and discussion questions to help facilitate the screening. To learn more about the film and sign up to host, please visit thebicyclerevolution.org.

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