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Posted by Cora Preston on Thursday, September 16 2021

Michael Wironen co-authored an Info Note on CGIAR exploring the implications of the climate metric Global Warming Potential (GWP) for methane mitigation in agriculture. 

Key takeaways include:

  • Using GWP complements conventional climate metrics because it better describes the actual warming caused by methane (CH4) emissions.
  • A sustained ~0.35% annual decline in CH4 from 2020-2040 would be sufficient to stop further increases in global temperatures due to agricultural CH4 emissions. This is analogous to the impact of net-zero CO2 emissions.
  • Application of GWP to CH4 emissions accounting suggests that avoiding further warming due to Ch4 emissions in agriculture is more attianable than previously understood. 
  • CH4 reductions can have a rapid and highly substantial impact, which underscores the importance of making significant cuts in CH4 emissions immediately.

Read the full Info Note here

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