Youngblood joins Earthjustice as 2021 Skadden Fellow
Photo courtesy of Candice Youngblood
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Candice Youngblood has received a Skadden Fellowship to advance equitable transportation planning centered on the economic resilience and health of California’s low-income communities of color through regulatory and policy advocacy and litigation with Earthjustice. She first joined Earthjustice’s Los Angeles office as a litigation assistant in 2015 and returned as a Skadden Fellow in 2021. 

Candice is a passionate environmental justice lawyer and advocate. An asthmatic, she grew up in Los Angeles County living beside major freeways. Candice became motivated to protect the right to breathe clean air after realizing that the high rates of asthma and other respiratory diseases in low-income communities and communities of color are linked to their disproportionate traffic pollution exposure. Raised in a family of truck drivers, she is also committed to achieving a just transition for fossil fuel-dependent communities as we shift toward a clean energy economy.

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