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Candice Youngblood has received a $20,000 grant from Aerie to develop Youth on Root, a state-wide youth leadership program focusing on environmental health disparities. Youth on Root seeks to be a healing space and educational resource for high schoolers in low-income communities.

The initiative was featured on Forbes magazine's website:

"Earlier this year, Aerie launched its Aerie Real Change Initiative and awarded 20 fierce and inspiring members of the #AerieREAL community with $20,000 grants to help them on their journey in making the world a better place. 

This month, Aerie introduced its 2020 Changemakers and shared their powerful work and stories of triumph, adversity, hope and resilience with its community. This selected group of women are creating positive shifts in their communities and around the globe – leading impactful projects such as building libraries in underserved regions, empowering incarcerated youth through writing, shedding light on diverse stories and more. These young activists and entrepreneurs continue to serve as advocates within their own communities, pushing humanity forward and creating real change."

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