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Brenda "Black Mamba" Zollitsch (second from left)All in the name of charity, on November 17th, Brenda Zollitsch (2009) took on the Superhero personna of "Black Mamba" to compete in the Mayo Arts Center fundraising event, Superhero Lady Armwrestlers of Portland (SLAP) in Portland, Maine. Other Superheros competing included Lumbermack Sally, Voom Voom Valhalla, Glamazon, Sally Slam and Patti "Pound" Cakes. Mamba crushed her first round of competition but eventually lost a hard fought battle against the event's final winner, Patti "Pound" Cakes. When asked how she felt about taking on the Mamba personna, Brenda replied "Who would have ever thought I would do THAT!? So much craziness, so much fun! 

And I can always say, 'It was for charity!' The event was a fundraiser for the Mayo Arts Center and the East End Neighborhood Association. Mamba's entourage raised $97 in donations during her competition rounds. The event raised just under $2,000 for the two charities. Mamba may make a return to the wrestling ring in Spring 2013. Until then Mamba's fang piercings, snake pants and cape are going back in the closet. As Mamba would say, "Oh Hisssssssssssssssss!"

Photo: Black Mamba (second from left) and her entourage ready for competition
Photo Credit: Makin' Bacon Productions

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